Shaman based mostly on magic "castable" - that is, write the number of species and then throw a spell "hit" endpoint. Therefore, it is forced to become a shaman on the spot. Here is the description of skills:Lesser healing wave [LHW] - a small gift to enchant bazowo 1.5 seconds and is about half wave treatment, it is also cheaper than the main charm. It has three important features:- Shaman phase ICC fascinate him or 1.10 seconds or less- When loaded with talent Tidal wave has a 25% chance to critical treatment- Glyph is 20% stronger, which we on Earth ShieldThe downside is that magic is only a 60% chance to download mana from water shield critics, but it is the strongest magic Manowo treatment tanks and the sole purpose of RAID! If you are interested, take a look at World of Warcraft.    

Healing Wave [HW] - a large lump sum up to 2 seconds casting (2.5 without the talent). This is a very powerful treatment, but costs a lot of mana. With the influx of activated 30% casting time, which allows him to throw around 1.35 seconds, depending on the equipment. This spell can be well used to ask for more than skill 60tys treatment for three seconds. What can 20k HPS .. It is worth using when the second tank healer forced to stop casting and escape danger. Heal chains [CH] - Treatment of chains, intelligent processing to think that for us. Heal up to 4 goals, but each jump to the next goal is weaker. This spell will choose as the next target people with the least amount of life that is its great advantage. But it must be considered in 2.5 sec casting time base can be fatal. Sometimes the situation occurred to me that I threw it to someone who has plenty of life .. and he died before podleczy3em, namely 3 other people also do not get treatment, and others are often dropped before I could pull it. It is therefore important to throw at someone who definitely live close to other people. This spell has a limited range of pitch, which is also its disadvantage. Not suitable for games where everyone has to stand about 10 meters apart. Where there is no danger of AoE boss there can safely be close to the shaman, their security and very high performance healing / mana for the shaman. Tenoswietny magic is to keep tanks and two melee DPS for Bose. Every critic of other drug chains such as spells can inflate 10% received compensation. Mainly for this magic shaman collecting ridiculous amounts of haste rating. What is important is that it also activates the CH talent Tidial waves on our other two active spells (HW and LHW).Riptide - We only time and hot. This is a very weak spell, at least reinforced Spellpower. But it is equally important as a string Heal .. Why?Riptide provides the following bonuses:- Inflow of activated for 2 consecutive rounds skills [-30% cast time of HW, 25% crit to LHW)- CH thrown at someone who is hot and consume Riptide delivers 25% more healing power of CH- Gentle treatment of yourself or someone who does not need too much attention and got slightlySo we try to use this spell is always used most frequently as CH and LHW LHW where Z gives a very nice mana efficiency ..Hi, I'm a big fan World of Warcraft. I know almost everything about this game. For more info, visit World of Warcraft.