hieves' violent attempt to hijack a security-equipment company's van has been foiled by Quartix vehicle tracking. Driver Roger Hirsch was in slow-moving traffic in Hoe Street, Walthamstow, when he a felt a sudden bump from behind. Leaping from his cab, he was shoved roughly to the ground by one thief while a second slipped behind the wheel and sped off. Shocked but otherwise unhurt, Hirsch quickly called his boss at Delta Security, urging him to check the company's vehicle tracking system. Dave Mundy, the London firm's operations manager, said: -œI ran to my laptop, logged on to our Quartix vehicle tracking system and entered the registration number of Roger's van. A few seconds later I could see a map with the van clearly marked and showing it was travelling along the North Circular from Walthamstow towards Edmonton. -œI dialled 999 on the landline and asked for the police.- Mundy explained the situation to them and said he was tracking the Ford Transit online and could explain exactly where the vehicle was. Mundy was able to tell them when the van left the North Circular and entered High Road, Tottenham and the precise time it turned into a yard. -œThe Quartix tracking system showed the van to be stationery with the ignition off. The time was 9.59pm. At 10.01 the first police car arrived on the scene with a second car arriving a minute later,- he said. The police told him the vehicle was found locked, unoccupied and undamaged, although the hijackers - including, possibly, a third man who had earlier driven the thieves' get-away car - appeared to have fled after hearing the police cars' sirens. Now, following forensic analysis, the van is back with Delta Security: and the only thing missing - Roger Hirsch's personal phone. Mundy added: -œIf it hadn't been for the Quartix vehicle tracking system and the quick actions of the police I've no doubt the story would have ended quite differently, with a stripped-out van being torched in an alley.For more info,Please visit vehicle tracking -œAs it is, after replacing the van's locks Roger is providing a normal service. Quartix is a great vehicle tracking system and assists with efficiency, fuel consumption, congestion charges and vehicle recovery.- Delta Security, which is celebrating 50 years in business this year, has equipped its entire service fleet of 14 vehicles, including Transits, VW Transporters and Toyota Hiaces, with Quartix vehicle tracking. Related Articles - vehicle tracking, fleet tracking, fleet management, vehicle tracking systems, Email this Article to a Friend! Receive Articles like this one direct to your email box!Subscribe for free today!Information on this can be found at this site