People have been growing vegetables for hundreds of years and is still very popular these days.Growing vegetables is a hobby for many and a way to save money,plus can add a nice touch of landscaping to your yard with all different kinds of vegetables growing.A good time to start vegetable seeds is Mid spring and below I will explain how to start growing vegetable plants from seeds.The items you will need for this project is a small shovel,some small plastic planter pots,vegtable seeds,container(s),water,soil from your garden and compost.1. Get your favorite vegetable seeds to grow at home,you can get vegetable seeds at grocery stores for cheap.2. Have your small planters and garden soil/compost ready.3. Spread out all of the planter pots you need to put the soil/compost in them and using masking tape.Stick a piece of masking tape on each planter pot and write on each planter pot 1 kind of each vegetable seed you bought so you know what is growing where.4. After the planter pots are out,what you do is put half of your garden soil and half compost in each planter pot,The reason why I said your garden soil is so when the seeds grow into small plants,they can get used to that soil and the compost is a fertilizer.Read more about Vegetable seeds UK.5.Now after each planter pot has soil in it,go and get a container of water and put some water in each pot and wait for the water to drain through before proceeding.6. Once each pot has been watered,go and get your vegetable seeds,sprinkle some of each kind of seeds in its own planter pot,push the seeds into the soil more,cover the A HREF="">seeds that are in the pots with a little more soil.7. Get a box big enough,long enough box or a plastic container to put the pots in for easier carrying to a spot in your yard that gets good sun.8 .If its is going to rain out allot bring the boxes with the planters in them underneath something so the rain does not hit them,because lots of rain and constant rain can make the seeds into mush and they will not grow.You have to control the watering for growing the seeds only.In a week to a few weeks you should start to see the seeds sprouting. For more inf visit Vegetable seeds UK.