Every surfer in the UK needs a wetsuit. Even the hardiest of souls. Even during the summer months a wetsuit comes in handy, especially for serious surfers who want to spend hours in the water chasing waves and enjoying the sport they love. Great wetsuits allow year round surfing. For any surfers brave enough, the winter can through up some great swells resulting in some of the best waves any time of the year.Serious surfers needs serious wetsuits. Ones that are long lasting, durable, effective. Also lightweight and just a little bit stylish too. Xcel wetsuits tick all the right boxes with the surf crowd. Spend too little on a cheap wetsuit and it won't keep a surfer warm for long in the water. It will probably need replacing pretty soon as it starts to show wear and tear much more quickly than a quality wetsuit.The great thing about Xcel wetsuits is that they are affordable as well as great quality.Read more about TYR wetsuits. Even more so for surfers in the know who shop online at Sids Surf Shack for the best deals. They stock a huge range for men, women and kids too. Shoppers can find suits for every shape and size.Xcel infiniti wetsuits continue to be a major player in the market because people know what they are getting. The brand is tried, tested and trusted by the surf community. Head to the beach in Xcel infiniti wetsuits and any surfer will be in good company. When surfers hit the beach in search of waves they want to surf to the best of their ability and for the longest time possible. These wetsuits allow surfers to push the boundaries. They are lightweight and easy to move in. Perfect for catching the best waves and providing much needed warmth on those colder days in the sea.For more info visit TYR wetsuits