Thomson Holidays is a UK based Holiday Company and is part of Tui Travel. The company was formed in the year 1965 in the name Thomson Travel Group by Roy Thomson and he is a Canadian publisher. Roy Thomson formed this company by acquiring three travel companies including the Britannia Airways. In the year 2004 the company was renamed as Thomsonfly, which is an airline operating from over twenty airports in the United Kingdom and covering over eighty destinations. Thomsonfly flies to countries like Cuba, Florida, Mexico, India; etc.The latest Boeing aircrafts like the Boeing 757 is mostly used by all the Flights related to Thomson.Thomson Holidays also run their own tour and it offers low cost quality traveling around the Europe. Their own flights are being used by Thomson group throughout the United Kingdom and they provide affordable and convenient traveling to their customers. Most of the people spend a week on cruise and then travel back home while some may spend one week at the cruise and then spend another week in a hotel in one of the many holiday resorts. Two route travels is also possible with Thomson group and this depends on the season of the year in which you travel.Read more about Thomson holidays 2012. Thomson Cruise consists of Thomson destiny, Thomson spirit and The Calypso and the emerald.A huge amount of holiday brochures are published by Thomson holidays that explain the customers various offers and types of options available in their types of holidays. Depending on the climatic like summer and winter, Thomson has classified their holiday packages as Thomson Destinations Summer Sun, Thomson Destinations Winter Collection. Depending on the country, you would like to tour Thomson holiday packages are classified as follows: Thomson Destinations Egypt & the red sea Riviera, Thomson Destinations Florida, Thomson Destinations Greece & Cyprus and Thomson Destinations Turkey. Thomson group has classified their tour packages depending on the type of the customers like Luxury holidays, Adult holidays and family holidays. Some of the packages coming under the group of luxury holidays are premier collection, A La Carte Holidays, Sensatori and Platinum holidays. Some of the packages coming under the group of family holidays include family club holidays, Beach club holidays, Al Fresco holidays, Villas and Disney holidays. Some of the packages coming under the group of Adult holidays include Thomson gold holidays, freestyle holidays, spa holidays, Chic and unique holidays and small and friendly holiday package. You can select any one of the above-mentioned holiday package depending on your need and can enjoy the unique features of that particular package selected by you.For more info visit Thomson holidays 2012.