Lingerie is an essential part of every woman• s wardrobe. Lingerie makes you feel sexy and it is an ideal way to add some more spice in your bedroom. No man is made the same, so it becomes extremely difficult to find the right type of lingerie. Finding apt plus size lingerie is even more challenging. Manufacturers like Chantelle have now added plus size lingerie in their range. Wacoal bras are also available in plus sizes now.It is important to understand that plus size lingerie is not necessarily for heavily built women. It is also used by women who probably have been blessed extra on certain parts of their body. For example some women may have heavy busts but not heavy hips. Some may have heavy bottoms but normal bust. Chantelle and Wacoal bras have therefore introduced a new range for plus size lingerie. Women must not shy away from trying plus sizes because comfort matters a lot. You must understand that normal lingerie may be uncomfortable on certain parts of your body and you just cannot compromise when it comes to your bare essentials.Women find it difficult to choose the right plus size lingerie set because both the pieces may not fit you all. For example extra large Wacoal bras may fit you however you may not want to sport an extra large panty. Similarly you may need a full size Chantelle panty but you may need a C or D cup Chantelle bra. The best solution to this is to buy different lingerie pieces. This gives you the freedom to sport any item. Comfort and style both play an important role in selecting lingerie. Just because you have heavy bottoms, it does not mean that you need to stick to grandma panties. You just need to find the right place to buy your lingerie. There are several manufacturers who deliver made to order bras and panties. If you are unable to find something good; you can always get it custom made. Avoid buying plus size clothing in bulk when you are shopping online. Order one or two pieces first, if they fit well, you can order more. Try to buy lingerie that has adjustable straps. This gives you the extra room for comfort. Wacoal bras have also added medium length camisoles that can be teamed up with pajamas to create a night suit. If you are heavier on the bust then you can sport lingerie that is made from stretch fabrics like Lycra or spandex. There are several women who may have heavy bottoms but super slender waist. Such women such strictly avoid leggings or tights because it will make them look bigger. They must use draw string pajamas or drawstring shorts instead. Stick to basic colors so that you can mix and match lingerie pieces. Read more about the sweet magnolia Solid colors are an ideal choice for all seasons.Another important thing to note while buying plus size lingerie is the durability factor. Check the straps and the waistbands for elasticity and durability. Wacoal bras have specially designed broad straps for the plus size bras. You must also check for the absorbency factor while buying lingerie. Stick to lingerie made from natural fibers as they absorb moisture quickly. Chantelle has wide variety in lingerie that is specially designed for plus size women. All these lingerie sets are made from cotton, Lycra or lace. Plus size women can also try under-wire bras for enhanced support. Don• t hesitate to buy plus size clothes. These lingerie sets are designed especially for curvaceous bodies. Go ahead and celebrate your curves. After all you are blessed with them. For more info visit the sweet magnolia