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general construction

Posted by fallenx888x on Wednesday, November 21, 2012,
OSHA or Occupational Standards and Health Association offers Construction Safety Training. This article emphasis on the utility and relevance of this kind of safety training that is essential to ensure the safety of employees. Demolition, plumbing, welding, electric wiring, and any of the myriad of components of the construction field can cause a lot of damage. Injuries are not uncommon in these fields of work. Not only will construction safety training keep employees safe, it wil...
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general engineering

Posted by fallenx888x on Wednesday, November 21, 2012,
Machinists are somewhat of masterminds of their crafts. Perhaps, this is a personal opinion; that said when I'm introduced to an area of expertise I am unfamiliar with I'm fascinated. Machining skills, such as milling, turning, grinding, and sawing are main components in machine shop. However, machining skills include services of inspection, assembly, fabrication and so on. Typically, where you need designs for metals, you will find more services than just assembly and prototypes. Do y...
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