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alcohol poisoning

Posted by fallenx888x on Tuesday, September 25, 2012,
Alcohol poisoning is something that occurs to thousands of people in Us alone, the latest studies show that around 50,000 people go through alcohol poisoning a year, and the numbers are just increasing. This is terrible, as alcohol poisoning has serious effects in our physical and mental health, and can even cause death.It is important to mention that alcohol poisoning is different than "passing out", the main difference is that when you are poisoned by alcohol, you are unable to wake ...
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Alcohol and diabetes

Posted by fallenx888x on Thursday, December 22, 2011,
You're at a holiday party. Everyone around you is drinking, but you have diabetes. Is it safe for you to consume alcohol? The danger is not what most people think - high blood sugar. Instead, alcohol mixedwith diabetes medication, either insulin or certain pills, can lead to dangerously low bloodsugar levels (hypoglycemia). Since low blood sugar produces symptoms similar to intoxication, you may be fooled into thinking you are slightly drunk when in fact you may be headed for a severely low b...
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