Sunshine Minting is one of the most respected private mints in the United States and Sunshine silver bars are a popular investment choice because Sunshine guarantees the weight and purity of every bar it produces. They present a reliable and secure way to add silver to your portfolio as you follow a wise strategy of diversification.Sunshine Mint silver bars come in several sizes to meet the needs of every collector and investor. The lineup includes attractively minted and very collectible Sunshine silver bullion bars of 1, 5, 10, 50 and 100 ounces. They sell at prices that reflect very little markup over the spot price of silver, an important point for serious investors to consider in their silver bullion purchase. These lovely silver bullion bars present an affordable way for first time buyers and seasoned investors to buy silver in the quantities they desire.Specifications:Each bar is made from.999 fine silver, or silver that is 99.9% pure. The 1 ounce (31.104 grams) bar is 1.14 x 1.97 inches. The 5 ounce (155.518 grams) bars are 1.40 x 2.39 inches The 10 ounce (311.035 grams) silver bars are 2.05 x 5.13 inches. The 50 ounce (1555.175 grams) bars are 3.00 x 5.13 inches. The 100 (3110.350 grams) ounce bars also measure 3.00 x 5.13 inches, with double thickness.7 Reasons for Buying:They are an affordable way to purchase silver, with little markup or premiums added to the cost. Collectors appreciate the attractive design of each Sunshine silver bar. Sunshine Mint is highly respected which gives the buyer security and makes the bars easy to sell. Silver bullion bars are an exceptional way to add precious metal to a diversified portfolio.For more info,Please visit Sunshine Mint silver bars They can be integrated into most IRAs. Silver continues to be recommended by market analysts and investment advisers. Silver bullion bars are easy to collect and store.Conclusion:If you are looking for a safe, secure way to acquire silver from one of the most trusted names in the market, then purchasing Sunshine silver bars is an excellent choice. The Sunshine Mint is highly respected and their products are viewed by sellers and buyers as having the utmost trustworthiness. As silver prices continue to rise, the sooner you enter the market or expand your silver holdings, the greater your profits will be. Buy Sunshine Silver bars today and ensure the highest return on your investment!If you like the info, go to this site!