For any traveler looking for paradise a trip to the Seychelles is a must. The picturesque islands are a magnificent location with beautiful golden beaches, clear blue seas and sunshine. Just south of the equator the Seychelles is made up of 115 islands dotted around the western part of the Indian Ocean and with heritage from its African neighbours there is plenty to explore on these paradise islands!Before travelling there are several things that a tourist must remember. When booking accommodation make sure the premises you intend to stay at is a licensed tourism accommodation as booking at an unlicensed premises may lead to huge disappointment when the quality of service does not meet your expectations! When exchanging foreign currency ensure you do so with an authorised trader, such as a bank, as trading with an unauthorised dealer can be dangerous as you may not get true value for money. On the subject of money it is also essential to remember not to carry large sums of money on your person at anytime. Although crime levels are relatively low on the Seychelles Islands it is a possibility as it is anywhere, so to eliminate any possibility of ruining your trip, leave the majority of your money and valuable items locked away at all times.For more info,Please visit Seychelles HolidaysThe Seychelles are 4 hours ahead of GMT and an average day in the area usually benefits from 12 hours of sunlight. When packing clothes any traveler must pack for the warm tropical climate that will be encountered. It is recommended that light clothing be worn at all times due to the hot temperatures and each person has plenty of protection from the sun's UV rays such as sunscreen, hats and sunglasses. For travelers wondering when to visit, the Seychelles are warm all year round so whenever you go you're likely to have great weather!If you want to read more go to this URL