A cell phone reverse phone number lookup service is basically used to extract more information about a person whose phone number is available with you but you do not know too much about the identity of the person owning that number. This is a completely legal affair and there are terms and conditions that you need to follow in order to gain access to the information. You can use the cell phone reverse phone number lookup service when you want to know who the owner of a particular phone number is and the number is not listed in the white pages or any other phone book for that matter. These services are extremely specialized and almost always provide you with accurate results. The cell phone reverse phone number lookup service rarely comes up with the wrong details and in case it does you can always verify it with the service providers. The way this cell phone reverse phone number lookup service works is that the service provider purchases the access to the databases of various cell phone and land line companies. That way they can create an entire database using information from various sources. Now you can access this database and use the information that they have compiled to search for the owner of the number that you have. The list includes all possible numbers in the US, be it land line numbers, cell phone numbers or unlisted numbers. However, this is not as easy as it sounds. There are several agreements that bind the cell phone reverse phone number lookup service providers regarding to whom and how they share that information. Most of these agreements are there to restrain the companies from distributing the information for free. This means that they have to pay subscription charges to the telephone companies for accessing their databases. You need a valid credit card account or a PayPal account to register and use their information. This is essentially done to prevent anyone from misusing the information that is available and to prevent anyone from intruding in to someone's privacy. This also ensures that the information that is contained in these databases is not accessed illegally and used for purposes that are not lawful like for example, stalking someone.Read more about reverse phone number lookup With a cell phone reverse phone number lookup service you can find the name and the address of the person that the particular phone number is registered with. The service will tell you exactly, the location which includes the state and the city of the person who owns the number. If there is any additional or extra information that is available with the number then the service will provide you that as well. So, all your queries will be taken care of by this single service. All you have to do to avail this service is pay a nominal amount as the yearly fee for this and you will gain access to America's largest database in no time. So, use it well and for meaningful purposes.For more info visit reverse phone number lookup