After a bankruptcy the customer moves into a condition where he has low credit and and does not qualify for a loan from the lenders. Bankruptcy completely destroys the credit profile of the customer and he does not find himself on the same footage in the credit market as before. The credit sheet shows the fact that his debts have been discharged or charged off in such cases the customers credit sheet looks horrible.Getting a credit with a bad credit sheet is almost impossible. People usually call up a credit repair company only when they get to know that they have been charged a higher interest rate because there credit scores were low. There is another way of looking at things. There are many creditors who are ready to give business who will like to give business to a person who has filed for bankruptcy. The creditor is comfortable of the fact that the customer cannot file for bankruptcy for the next seven years. However the interest rate will be extremely high just for the reason that the creditor feels that the customer is a high risk profile person. Read more about Repairing credit after bankruptcy. It is difficult to get credit at affordable rates during this period. The customer can go ahead and take up a secured credit card. This means that the customer needs to put across a security with the company and then he would be able to get credit in the form of a credit card. By making timely payments the customer can rebuild his credit score and get a good profile in a limited period of time.There will be many who will be willing to give credit to a person who has filed for bankruptcy. The customer should make it a point that he take up only as much credit that he can afford to give back to the customer. Bankruptcy should not be suffered for life. A responsible behavior towards payments will help the customer to come out of a bad credit rating.Many people are unaware that the credit report can be used as a tool to erase bad credit. This can result in a boost to your score by a possible 200 points. Many negative items found on credit reports are disputable and can be removed legally to erase bad credit. For more info visit Repairing credit after bankruptcy.