Knee rehabilitation provides specific treatment and recovery programs for patients suffering from knee injuries and problems. Knee pain and injuries are among the most commonly encountered orthopedic problems.Even if surgery is necessary, rehab exercises will certainly be a part of one's recovery process. Knee rehabilitation programs provide all sorts of relief and comfort to the patients suffering from injuries, pre and post surgery rehabilitation, and pain rehabilitation.Rehab is the key to successful functional recovery after knee injuries and surgeries. Individual rehab programs on the basis of knee structure, severity, and other aspects of concern are designed and executed.Prime aspects and features of knee rehabilitation1. A knee rehabilitation centre provides the following rehabilitation and programs:• Knee injury rehabilitation: These programs are specifically designed for patients suffering from knee injuries. The patient is treated with some specific stretching and strengthening exercises. The more serious types of injuries will require surgery whereas many just need the right rehab program for recovery.• Knee surgery rehabilitation: This provides rehab and assistance to patients before and after surgery. Exercise and treatment are specifically designed for faster recovery and healing. The program covers various sorts of surgery and treatment is done accordingly.• Knee pain rehabilitation: This rehabilitation is for those who are suffering from constant and agonizing pain. The programs are mostly for old age people with knee issues. Specific treatment and relieving therapies are used in the rehab process.• Client specific rehabilitation: Different clients have different sorts of disorders and knee illnesses. So several programs depending on the basis of structure of knee, severity of illness, type of surgical procedure, and goals of the patient and physiotherapist are designed and executed. Some common knee disorders and illnesses treated in these rehabilitation programs are  a. The Unhappy Triad b. Osteoarthritis c. Chondromalacia d. Prepatellar Bursitis e. Jumper's knee f. Patellofemoral Syndrome2. Treatment: Knee rehabilitation follows many ways to treat knee injury effectively. Treatment is provided depending on the nature of the injury, depending on how much pain patient is going through, inflammation of knee, etc. Various physical therapies are performed by certified physiotherapists and prescribe various programs to the patient.3. Exercise: Knee exercise is the most vital segment of any rehab process. It is important to exercising to restore strength and full range of motion. Initial exercises are non weight bearing in nature and focuses on gently strengthening and increasing joint range. Programs such as cycling session, swimming and hydro session are also followed. 4. Recovery: Knee rehab programs have developed affective knee recovery programs for proper and fast recovery. Patients with injured knee, pre and post surgery cases, illnesses and knee pain can follow these recovery programs under knee rehabilitation.5. Prevention: Prevention is always better then cure.Read more about rehabilitation  These rehabilitation programs guides its patients on how to prevent occurrence of injuries and illnesses. Proper after rehabilitation exercises and diet plans are scheduled for each patient to follow for a better future and healthy knees.Everybody would like to get back to what they were to do before they injured their knees as quickly as possible and rehabilitation provides you with help and guidance an all sorts of knee injuries and illnesses related problems.For more info visit rehabilitation