Looking for premature ejaculation cures? This is an article that addresses this issue, and can send you in the right direction to make you last longer in bed. We understand that there are six proven techniques that will help you last longer in bed. Not only that, we can help you can learn them right now.Technique #1: You can't rush when you are masturbating. If you are in a situation where you want to finish quickly; for whatever reason, you have to stop rushing masturbation. This is a habit that starts during adolescence and trains you to orgasm as quickly as possible, which leads to premature ejaculation when you have a partner.Technique #2: Take some time to relax. There are two sides to forcing masturbation as a way of satisfying yourself that ruin your time in bed with your partner. You also have to realize that besides rushing an orgasm to promote premature ejaculation, you can also use masturbation to extend ejaculation. By taking 20 or 30 minutes by yourself, and paying attention to other parts of your body, you can practice extending your ejaculation.Technique #3: There are sprays and creams that will help you with staying power. However, you may get just as frustrated sexually, because while a cream or spray may delay your orgasm, it can actually prevent you from ejaculation. So while your partner may be satisfied, you may not be.Technique #4: Reducing your day-to-day stress may be a longer term way of curing premature ejaculation; but it can be worth it. This is a great solution if you are in a long-term relationship, because overtime, you will become a better man who is also better in bed. Meditation, deep breathing and exercise will help you with performance anxiety. Performance anxiety can be the result of a long term relationship where sex may be about always pleasing your partner.For more info,Please visit premature ejaculation cures This is why it is important to explore all possibilities when it comes to premature ejaculation.Technique #5: Deep breathing is something that all men should use as a tactic when it comes to having sex with the women they love. Deep breathing before sex works well, but deep breathing can also work during sex. If you get a rhythm going, it is best breathe out when you are thrusting in. Do this on a five or six second basis. This technique will not only help you last longer, it will also make you look passionate when you have sex.Technique #6: Start practicing Kegel exercises. These exercises strengthen your pelvic muscles and provide you with more stamina. These exercises that improve your control also aren't noticed by most people, so you can even do them at the gym.You can also go to this URL