Place users into organizational units, and then create a GPO to apply the printers. Link the GPO to the appropriate OUs. Create three different GPOs to share the folders, and link them to the appropriate sites. Create a single GPO, apply that GPO to the domain, and filter it appropriately. in organizational units, create MCITP Course nested OUs, and set the OUs up to use block inheritance as necessary. SuperCorp is a corporation with 20 different locations and 13 different domains. Addition- ally, SuperCorp has a Group Policy scheme that is very complex and can be at times over- whelming. SuperCorp is using Windows Server 2008, operating at the Server 2008 forest and domain functional level. SuperCorp has begun to experience problems keeping track of and searching for policies that were created by various administrators. What should you recommend as a solution? Utilize the Group Policy Management Console search tool to search for various poli- cies. Create a requirement that all policies must be implemented in such a way that they fol- low a direct OU path that can be easily traced. Use Group Policy commenting. Set Block Policy Inheritance. our company has developed a very solid OU structure that has worked well for the past five years. Because of this, management is reticent to change the working structure. How- ever, one issue that has recently emerged is that they want to deploy a group policy that deploys an application to one particular group that is contained within an OU that has more than 13 different groups within it.For more info,Please visit policy management systems What could you do to maintain the current OU MCITP Exams structure and apply this policy? Upgrade to Windows Server 2008. Raise the domain and forest functional level to at least Windows Server 2003. Create a GPO with the required settings, and link it to the OU. Set the rest of the groups to block inheritance. Create a GPO with the required settings, and link it to the OU. Filter the GPO so it applies only to the required group. Related Articles - MCITP, MCITP certification, Email this Article to a Friend! Receive Articles like this one direct to your email box!Subscribe for free today!If you are interested in learning more,check out