Press Release Writing it is a question that many people think about these days. Sites with potential to buy your app, but people will want to buy it or not, many types of applications from gaming apps for education, each with its own economy in particular. Writing and marketing. Game apps are usually quite expensive, probably around $ 50,000 to $ 200,000 dollar range. Writing the development cost will depend on the quality of your game and graphics and how much of the development you can do your self. To make a profit in this type of app you will have to sell multiple units. Writing one of the questions that springs to mind is what makes a great game application. From what i saw and what i read there is no guaranteed formula; it's pretty hit and miss if the game becomes a virus or not. Writing educational applications are usually cheaper to develop anywhere from $ 1,000 to. Once again it depends on how much of the development you can do yourself. Writing if you can write the content then this will assist to keep the prices down. Most people need an app developer to assist in building app. Writing there are websites where you can send your application development and people will send you a quote for the job. Passive income is my room, i chose to select a developer, he worked near where i worked, so i will catch up during the day and the control room, as it was developed. Once the information is developed, you will need an itunes account, and contracts with apple, alternatively you must register with a different app stores. You should then decide how you are going to sell for you epr. This is for a minimum of $ 1 or maybe $ 2 or more? need to assess what your market is likely to pay for the app.For more info,Please visit passive income Once your application is loaded into the app store will have to move their approach to marketing. It makes no sense a great app if no one knows that there is. Some app developers recommend a website that directs people to your app. Writing numerous other avenues of marketing exist, such as news, blogs written notes, writing articles, using twitter and facebook, handing out business cards, radio ads, tv commercials, and numerous alternative sites, etc. . good luck. Writing iphone app -. Related Articles - Writing, Writings, Email this Article to a Friend! Receive Articles like this one direct to your email box!Subscribe for free today!If you want to learn more, click here!