The Nuwave Oven is a counter top oven that uses infrared technology to cook the food. I saw the ad on TV so many times that I stopped paying attention to it. It wasn't until recently that I noticed the line where it said that the oven cooked food in half the time it takes a normal oven. Not the fastest time possible but I wanted to try out some more home cooked meals instead of home nuked meals from the microwave. It seem to be a reasonable compromise. Food that isn't nuked to weird tastes but still fast enough so that I don't forget that I was hungry and had something cooking.The whole thing is reasonably light for a counter top oven. It takes up little space in the kitchen considering that you can cook a whole chicken in it. The first thing I looked at was the how fast it cooked. Well the claims were right. It really does take 50% off from your cooking time. This is due to the deep penetrating nature of the infrared waves compared to your regular heat and compounded effect of the pressure exerted by the tight sealing cover on the oven. However, speed will be for naught if the food comes out bad. Fortunately, it didn't. In fact, it had the home cooked taste to it, right down to the moist, juicy taste.For more info,Please visit nuwave oven review (By the way, it you plan on cooking food that should come out crisp, use something else. The whole moisture locking technology does not do too well with crispiness.) It really backs up the claims on the advertisement. over is great when you want home cooked food fast. I heartily recommend it for those healthy eaters who are on the go. It is a bit limited in terms of the serving you can cook at one time so don't rely too much on it for large gatherings. Overall, a great addition to any kitchen.You can also go to this URL