The trend of today is to make thing as popular as possible within a very short time. These days, whatever famous people say will become quotes. It may be just an expression or an exclamation or even swearing, but people will treat as these are the best words in the world. Shakespeare also didn't enjoy this amount of popularity during his heyday, and he gave world a whole bunch of quotes about almost every emotion. Today's generation does not understand philosophy and if something is a little heavier than cola or junk food their digestive system cannot accept that. In order to impress and attract them, one has to use something catchy and simple. Nicki Minaj quotes are something that has both the qualities. They are simple, they are interesting and they have the raping quality in them. So, it is very easy for them to attract the interest of the kids and teenagers of this time. It may or may not be the favorite of the grownups. Then again, the grownups should be the ones who had no access to internet, satellite T.V or cell phones. With the trend of sending text messages taking over the world, this new generation is talking in the language of texts. So, for the chips and soft drink generation Nicki Minaj quotes is just the perfect thing. If you follow both Nicki Minaj and her quotes properly, you will be able to find a greater meaning in them. They are catchy, attractive and they are super interesting. The sound of Nicki Minaj quotes is quite nice, because they are poem like. They do sometimes have some cuss words or swear words, but despite that their impact is good. Nicki Minaj understands that to get the attention of this generation, she has to use some of the clichés and oh so obvious signature of this age. Only then the teenagers will show interest. It may seem from the outset that the Nicki Minaj quotes are just for fun and they do not have any serious thoughts, but that is completely wrong. If you can delve deeper, you will not only find the heart of a songwriter or poet, you will also find a nice and little touch of the philosophy of life.For more info,Please visit Nicki Minaj Quotes In Shakespeare's time people were interested to listen to high sounding words and philosophies and that is some of the best quotes of English literature were born. If the new tech savvy, internet worm and cell phone glued generation needs to listen to something not so serious and not so dramatic, then what's the harm in giving them that? If you cannot get to a person with the complicated and high sounding words and ideas, take the simple and easy way instead. It does not matter what the way is, but it does matter what the aim is. If you think that taking the easy way will take you to your aim, take that way. Something big or complicated may not always be good, try it the simple way and you will get what you want like Nicki Minaj. Related Articles - Nicki, Minaj, Quotes, Email this Article to a Friend! Receive Articles like this one direct to your email box!Subscribe for free today!For other details click here