Microdermabrasion is a great way to renew the look and texture of your skin, but the scars will not disappear. Your skin in the epidermis will only replicate and grow as an exact copy of the mother cell, if you have a scar, the skin will always replicate as the same tissue.Biotherm actually came out with a product at the end of last year called Skin Vivo. This product is the one of the product that works to repair the damage in the cell's DNA. Once the scar's mother cell becomes more and more repaired, the skin that divides with it will become more and more repaired as well! by treating the concern at the base and core, the rest falls into place.This might not be your concern now but skin vivo is mostly used as an anti-aging product though there are many versatile reasons to be using it (if you are concerned about aging, bonus!). With microdermabrasion costing up to 200 or 300$ for a single session (most of the time you have to make multiple visits) it would almost be cheaper to get their whole line (minus their eye cream, no acne scars on the eyes)!Their serum is 80$ (more concentrated, goes deeper into the skin faster, can be used as a moisturizer if you do not need much moisture). Their night cream is 72$ (helps boost the skin's nightly rejuvenation period).Their day cream or day gel is 68$The effects from the microdermabrasion would only be two weeks, three weeks tops because of the cellular turnover. Of course biotherm would last longer but it would take about 4-6 weeks to see the full results. Knowing that exfoliating will not completely take care of your concern, i hope that the alternative i offered still helps with the overall issue. Not telling you to go buy it just because a stranger tells you to; but this is definitely a product that you could look into.But before you do anything I mentioned above, try out natural remedies for treating your scars first!On the next page, you'll discover a book that will teach you how to totally remove all your scars. Read more about Microdermabrasion for acne scars.The above suggestions might work in treating your scars, but what helped me the most in removing all my old ugly scars were the secret methods I learned from this Scar Removal Manual: The Scar Solution Ebook.This guide has some interesting and unique natural scar removal techniques that worked like a charm on my scars! I have recommended this guide to so many people and they all ended up clearing their scars just few months after following the recommendations in it.Click here: Scar Solution, to read more about this guide. For more info visit Microdermabrasion for acne scars.