Automobiles these days put a premium on looks and style. Manufacturers
produce nice and sleek cars so that they can sell, because no one would
like a boring-looking car, no matter how great its performance and
features are. That is why they put so much money into car designs, and
create seemingly endless combinations of paint that bring out the best
in a car's appearance. If you are interested, take a look at Metallic Paint.
Paint has become a crucial part of a car's overall wow factor that some
varieties and colors are more expensive than others. For example,
Pearlescent or pearl is more expensive than standard gloss paint, while
special or limited edition colors are certainly much more expensive than
the regular selections available. Manufacturers get extra profit, too,
from selling automotive paints.   

There are a lot of paint styles used on different cars, but the three
most common are gloss, Pearlescent, and pearlescent. There are subtle
differences among the three, but they all make the car look better. They
also have a clear coat on top of the paint itself to protect the car
from stains and the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays from the
sun.      Gloss paints are the kind used in budget and cheaper cars.
They are shiny and come in basic colors readily available in paint
stores, like red, white, and black. However, they lack the impact or
luster that other kinds of paint have. Body shops in Chicago usually
recommend that an upgrade to Pearlescent or pearlescent paint be made to
make the car look much better.  Pearlescent paint is another common
type of paint for cars. It contains small, evenly-sized flakes of
aluminum, which give a car its shiny appearance. No matter which angle a
car with Pearlescent paint is viewed from, its color is always the
same. Body shops in Chicago recommend this paint on sports cars, or on
vehicles with sporty designs to make them look more aggressive. For
luxury cars, Chicago auto body shops suggest that owners choose
pearlescent for the car paint. Pearlescent uses small flakes of mica,
which gives such color treatments the luster of pearls.  Interestingly,
the color changes when viewed from different angles. Pearlescent paint
also gives more glowing effect, instead of the aggressive shine found in
Pearlescent paint. For more info, visit Metallic Paint.