Funny maternity clothes can help make your pregnancy a time to enjoy, despite suffering from some of the most common pregnancy symptoms. While you are suffering from the pregnancy blues, you may get into a better frame of mind by wearing clothes that have funny inscriptions. They not only lighten your mood, but also that of those who read what is printed on your clothes.Humorous Clothes That Brighten Your DayFunny maternity clothes can be bought quite easily at the local stores or at one of the many online stores, if you are one of those who depend on the internet. In fact, when you shop for clothes online, you have an amazing collection of maternity clothes.There are stores that specialize only in stylish maternity clothes that women can wear to work as well as chic maternity evening wear. Most pregnant women have a natural glow that makes them look radiant and more beautiful, but some of them lack luster and look tired during their pregnancy days.Funny maternity clothes need not necessarily be expensive, as you may get funny maternity t-shirts for less than $30! There are t-shirts that have inscriptions such as "not in a good mood", "baby on board", "I'm pregnant, what's your excuse?", " I'm making a human, what did you do today?", "Already smarter than Bush", "I just wanted a back rub" etc. There are funny clothes available for the father of the child too, with funny inscriptions such as "See how my boys swim," "Man behind the belly"; "My pregnant wife scares me" etc. Funny maternity clothes are ideal gifts to give to a pregnant loved one, who has a sense of humor. However, while selecting the clothes, make sure that you get the right size and that it is of a soft fabric such as, 100% cotton that feels comfortable to wear. The clothes must not be too tight or pinch and must be machine washable.Read more about Maternity clothes Melbourne. Funny maternity t-shirts are great for those of you who are on a budget, as you can get comfortable, quality clothes for relatively economical rates. T-shirts are easy to maintain and wash as well as help you look attractive, while letting the world know that you are pregnant and you appreciate good humor.You can have an 'all girls' outing to the shopping mall and have fun selecting your maternity wardrobe with your friends or if the prospect of visiting the endless boutiques terrifies you, just log online and make your choice!You may buy funny maternity clothes that hug the figure snugly or opt for more roomy clothes that give you space to breathe. There is also R rated funny t-shirts for those who appreciate sexy jokes.Being pregnant is a most wonderful stage of your life, savor each moment, stay happy and relaxed, for soon you will be blessed with a miracle that you will always be thankful for. Laughing and staying happy is important, as it will ward off many of the pregnancy complications such as hypertension, depression etc. Eat regular nutritious meals, do the recommended exercises and stay fit and best of all, enjoy your pregnancy by wearing funny maternity clothes. For more info visit Maternity clothes Melbourne.