Stuck at the airport?Snowed-in, rained-out, fogged over? Crew timed out, mechanical difficulties or unscheduled maintenance? Waiting for the clean-up crew or flight attendants? Do you even know why your flight is delayed?It would be wonderful if there was a way to instantly eliminate the myriad of causes for flight delays, but it is not possible. There is however a relatively inexpensive way to make the flight delay/cancellation experience a lot less stressful.AIRPORT HEAVENDuring these frustrated occasions, the airlines reserve the VIP lounge for passengers flying first and business class or their elite frequent flyers. Through the polished doors these exclusive clubs ease the passengers' stress with complimentary beverages and refreshments. Fax machines, email and Internet access keep them in touch with the office or loved ones. Comfortable furniture, in some cases even private sleeping and shower areas, are at their disposal.AIRPORT HELLHowever, those of us who have not racked up frequent flyer miles or who are traveling coach class, are left paying for overpriced airport snacks and fighting over the narrow metal seating at the gate. There is a way. With a little advance planning and a Priority Pass in your pocket you can get instant access to the executive lounge of your choice, even if you are in coach and even if you have no frequent traveler status with the airline you are flying.PASS TO PERFECTIONThe Priority Pass program is an airport lounge access program, the only one of its kind. Headquartered in the U.K., it was founded 19 years ago and gives its members access to 600 airline VIP clubs in 300 cities worldwide, 70 in the U.S. alone. What is important to note is that members can enter the lounges of the program's extensive network regardless of class of service they are flying or whether or not they are frequent flyers of the airline.For more info,Please visit Lounge Furniture Rental New York END THE FRUSTRATIONIn the case of flight delays, cancellation or lengthy connections, the Priority Pass can be worth its weight in gold. I have personally witnessed the soothing effect the creature comforts of an executive lounge can have on a frazzled business traveler's nerves. It makes a world of difference. The program has three membership levels, beginning with the standard, at $99 a year and $27 per lounge visit. You may also take a guest for an additional $27 fee. Mainly business travelers use the pass, but it is also perfect for people on a budget who have to travel.Flight delays are annoying, frustrating and uncontrollable, but relaxing in a first class lounge is one way to make them bearable.If you are interested in learning more,check out