Tip 1:  Don't Eliminate FatEliminating fat or eating a low fat diet is a common error that people tend to make due to food marketing. Eliminating fat intake in the body may seem like a good idea, but when you understand the role of fat for your body, you realize that getting too little of it is a bad idea. Of course, removing Trans fats from your diet is essential because they will make you fat and could kill you. Tip 2: Get Rid of Stress and Lower Cortisol Levels To lose fat, it is essential that you minimize your amount of stress in order to lower your cortisol levels. It has been well established that having a high cortisol level results in fat gain, in particular around your waist. This means that no matter how much you exercise or eat healthy, you won't lose weight with elevated cortisol levels because of how it makes the body insensitive to insulin.Tip 3: Eat Breakfast With Protein In It: No Cereal Allowed Skipping breakfast and missing meals will hurt your ability to lose weight. Eating breakfast is one of the simplest, healthiest things you can do to feel great and have more energy throughout the day. However, you have to eat protein at breakfast. Eating cereal for breakfast is a common mistake that is often not addressed. Cereal is typically packed with sugar and additives. In some cases you can find a cereal that doesn't have added sugar, but they tend to be low in protein. Even an organic cereal that appears to contain a nice dose of protein, these high-protein cereals contains natural preservatives that harm neurotransmitter production.Tip #4: Take A Very Cautious Approach To The Science and Health Media Be very cautious about what you learn from the media. Health, fitness, and diet information is commonly misrepresented with the facts being presented in a way that feeds on our desire for quick and easy solutions.For more info,Please visit j joshua beistle The media is fueled by business interests, meaning that the information presented is influenced by those who are interested. Tip #5 Don't Forget To Strength Train. Be As Active As Possible There's no reason not to be doing some sort of strength training if you are trying to lose weight. The truth is that there's no reason that anyone should not be doing strength training. Even those who are confined to a bed such as in a nursing home can perform some form of resistance training. As long as you learn proper form and have a reasonable plan of progression, there's nothing wrong about strength training.ÂFor further details click here