Everyone is probably aware of the beauty and cultural heritage of northern capital of Russia i.e. St Petersburg. However, how many of you know that in the year 1914, the name of this city was changed to Petrograd and in 1924 to Leningrad?? Not only this, in the year of 1991 the city finally emerged as Saint Petersburg or St Petersburg. The city is reckoned amongst the most beautiful and stress relieving tourists' spots. Reaching this city will actually bring you close to the splendid beauty of nature. Apart from nature, you will also come across some of the popular tourist attractions. In order to take in the mesmerizing beauty of this place, hire St Petersburg private guide services. Private guides help you get an unforgettable experience owing to their knowledge of popular tourist destinations. They are well versed with the local language and places, which makes your travel worth hiring a private guide. Here are some suggestions of the places to visit in St Petersburg: 1. Saint Petersburg yachts on the Neva River: The best way to explore the city is to hire cruise tour St Petersburg services. The cruises or yachts over the river Neva brings you close to the Mother Nature and its creation. Whether you are with friends or few family members, you can enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of this city while riding on cruise. This is also the best way to explore the shore excursions St Petersburg River. The water is so pure and serene that it will take you to a whole new world of peace. 2. Hermitage museum: Your tour would be incomplete if you didn't visit the Hermitage museum which is acknowledged among the top tourist destinations. It is one of the oldest museums in the city that was founded in the year of 1764 by Catherine the Great. The museum was opened for public in the year 1852 and since then huge number of visitors came from all over the world to see the exotic beauty of this museum. The guide of your St Petersburg private tour will ensure that you get an amazing holiday experience. 3. Peterhof: If you wish to enjoy magnificent beauty of palaces, fascinating gardens and fountains, a must-see is Peterhof. It is spread over a wide area comprising of palaces, gardens and fountains alluring you and your mind.For more info,Please visit INKERI Availing St Petersburg private guide gives you the perfect opportunity to explore every tourist spot across the city. Right from cruise tour St Petersburg to shore excursions St Petersburg, your private guide will truly let you enjoy every bit of it. Welcome to St Petersburg to take unforgettable memories!! Turn to Lentina Travel and see all your extravagant touring desires come true. Here you will be provided with St Petersburg private guide, to make your travel convenient. Enjoy the shore excursions St Petersburg. Visit: http://www.lentinatravel.com/ to learn more about travel packages. Related Articles - st pertersburg private tours, st petersburg guide, st petersburg guided tour, St Petersburg Museum, st petersburg private guide, st petersburg private tour, Email this Article to a Friend! Receive Articles like this one direct to your email box!Subscribe for free today!If you like the info, go to this site!