One of the biggest challenges for indie musicians promoting their own music, is once you finally track down the music blogs and radio stations you want to send your music to, is how in the world do you get them to open the email.It's no secret, that many of these blogs get hundreds, maybe thousands of emails a day from people just like you, promising a great song. So let's assume you have done your homework and reached the right blogs and stations. The next step is all in the email! How in the world do you stand out, without seeming pathetic, or begging?99% of it is in the Subject line! So check out these strategies:1. Why not approach your emails to music blogs and indie music stations like a song? You had to come up with that perfect title for your new single or album. Writing an email is no different. You have to give these guys and gals a reason to want to open yours up over the sea of others. So... Take a look at your list. And compose the email like a new killer song. With a lot of thought, and care put into how you construct it.2. Try putting a compelling question in the subject line. Once people read a question, they almost have to know the answer. You can almost lure a blog or station into opening by catching them with a question.Just remember this question has to be one that the reader is anxious to find the answer. Just DON'T ask them something like "would you like to get my new album" or "what is your favorite song"These questions are simple, and the indie station or indie blogger can simply answer them to themselves and move on. It takes no action on their part to find the answer.Try this. Pick three artists very similar to your musical style and ask "Which one of these three bands do you like best?" or Have a picture of a couple things that inspired your latest single, and ask "Which one of these items inspired my latest song?"These questions create some participation, and the reader is probably going to at least chuckle and and say OK I'll bite.3. Another strategy that is similar, is to say something that is a bit provocative.For more info,Please visit Indie Music Publicity and Radio Promotion I wouldn't be controversial (unless you are very familiar with the style of the blog & are confident this would help).Something along the lines, of "I wouldn't have your kids in the room when you listen to this one" or "This song is going to be like that chick flick you love. So don't let your gal know you heard this song" You get the picture. So sit down, make a list of why your song or video is different, and how you could creatively get your blogger or music station to take a listen to the indie music you are promoting.Here's the deal though, if you are going to use this strategy. You BETTER have some good material inside that email. This strategy is certainly not the only strategy to have in your little indie promoting toolbox, but used correctly it can increase your open rate. Just like your songs, you want to use variety. So approach your indie music promotion and email strategy the same way.If you are interested in learning more,check out