Man boobs are the only boobs that men do not want. The exact medical term for this condition is called Gynecomastia, more commonly refered to as man boobs or male breasts. Some men suffer from enlarged mammary glands, which make them look as if they have breasts like a woman. This occurs when a man has higher estrogen levels and or lower testosterone levels than normal. It tends to occur more frequently with men who are obese, but not exclusively.If you are a man and you have man boobs, you want to get rid of man boobs fast. Men who join a gym and get a personal trainer have a great chance of losing their man boobs. Following a diet filled with the right foods is a great step towards eliminating man boobs, but you will have to work hard exercising. Diet and exercise are key components to overcoming man boobs.Some men find that taking hormone supplements can change the size of their boobs. If you have too much estrogen, you can take pills that can lower your estrogen levels.Read more about How to get rid of man boobs. If your body produces too little testosterone then you can take pills to raise those levels. The most successful men have the most success when they combine hormone therapy with diet and exercise.Unfortunately, some men who try hormone therapy, diet and exercise still do not feel that there man boobs have diminished significantly. For those men, the best way may in fact be to consult a plastic surgeon. Any plastic surgeon who performs breast reductions will be able to give you an idea of what you can expect from have a cosmetic surgical procedure done to eliminate your man boobs. You might be surprised to learn that your insurance may cover this cosmetic surgery if your family doctor can document how devastating the man boobs are to your well being. You may have to work with a psychologist, but coupled with your doctor's recommendation, your insurance may cover the procedure, so it is worth looking into. Surgery is one of the fastest ways to lose man boobs. For more info visit How to get rid of man boobs.