Men and women suffer from hair loss all over the world. MPB (Male Pattern Baldness) and FPB (Female Pattern Baldness) are the main reasons for rising levels of stress and other related psychological issues in people of all ages and races, regardless of their socio-economic or professional backgrounds. It has been found that almost half of the men below the age of 50, and two-thirds above the age of 65, experience massive hair loss from their scalp area. Regardless of the pattern, baldness can eventually spread over the entire head - even though it usually starts with small spots and bald patches. Although hair loss can be attributed to a countless number of reasons and their combination - the most well-known and widely acknowledged causes, varying from person to person, include hereditary and genetic factors, aging, physical ailments, skin and scalp disorders, radiation, and physiological reactions to drugs and certain kinds of medical therapies. To retain a healthy and full head of hair, one needs several different vitamins and nutrients. In addition to these, a regular intake of essential proteins and amino acids is also crucial for great looking hair. Unfortunately, in today's fast moving world of junk food and neglected diets, the deficiency of such components hit the follicles first, resulting in an eventual untimely hair loss. Of course, further help arrives from inadequate hair care and improper cleansing routines. The net result is a culmination of all these factors into a physiological and chemical disposition of the body, which aids the genetic and hormonal factors in shedding the tresses in increasingly shorter periods of time. The good news is that these nutritional deficiencies can be made good with supplementary intakes, and an external application of the requisite vitamins and minerals directly to the hair. And this is exactly what the best natural hair growth products aim at doing. They replenish the essential elements in the body and scalp and prevent further hair loss, rejuvenating the dead follicles into growing new strands of hair.For more info,Please visit Hair care or Hair growth New Generation is an increasingly popular name in natural hair loss treatments that offer products that come with a 120 day money back guarantee. For more information about their products and research work in the area of natural hair loss prevention, visit their website at: David is a well known author who writes for New Generation. He writes articles & blogs related to Natural Hair Growth Product, Natural Hair Loss Prevention and Natural Hair Loss Treatment Related Articles - David, is, a, well, known, author, who, writes, for, New, Generation., He, writes, articles, &, blogs, related, to, , href=", Email this Article to a Friend! Receive Articles like this one direct to your email box!Subscribe for free today!For more information, go to this URL