Golden retrievers usually come in some shade of gold, and this color can range from a very pale yellow, to a very deep one bordering on mahogany. However, once in a while, you will encounter a breed of dog that looks very much like a golden retriever, however, its coat is pure white. You probably will have seen a white golden retriever.White golden retrievers are a type of golden retriever that is popular in England or Britain. So called because their coat has almost no color whatsoever, these dogs are genuine golden retrievers in all other ways. They will have the same needs, disposition and possible genetic problems as the regular colored golden retriever.One of the biggest differences however, is their body type. American golden retrievers, while coming from the same stock, have been bred for other purposes such as for family companionship and sports, while for the most part, European white golden retrievers have stayed true to their original purpose: as hunting companions. As a result, European white golden retrievers usually have heavier and stockier bodies, and need more food than your average golden retriever to be able to reach full growth. Also, since they have been bred to hunt, they are more used to extreme climates such as cold and rain. European golden retrievers generally have a longer, heavier and thicker coat used to protect them from the elements. This means that this breed needs more grooming than normal, especially to brush off loose and dead fur. Your furniture might suffer a bit more than usual, but for such a gorgeous looking breed, it's well worth it.Like their American cousins, however, European white golden retrievers are still a very strong and energetic breed, eager to please and quick to learn. You will still need to train this breed from puppy stage in order to make sure that they grow up into well-mannered and calm adults. Remember, a European white golden retriever is heavier and stockier than the American one, so try to imagine a full grown male white golden retriever (around 110 lbs, heavier than the 80 lbs American golden retriever) jumping up on you or your furniture in excitement. They'll also need a lot more exercise than the average golden retriever because they were bred for the great outdoors.Read more about golden retriever forum European white golden retrievers love a challenge, so if you're planning a long trek or nature hike, you've got a ready made partner right there!Unfortunately, European white golden retrievers are not exempt from the usual diseases that a golden retriever is prone to, and it could possibly hit them harder because of their greater muscle mass and bone density. Genetic diseases such as hip and elbow dysplasia are more dangerous for European white golden retrievers, so it's imperative that you get your puppy or breeding stock checked as early as possible for these diseases. But don't let these things turn you off the idea of getting a white golden retriever. These amazing dogs are still great companions, loving members of the family, and wonderful stress relievers. Their warm natures and playful antics far outweigh their special needs! For more info visit golden retriever forum