Shingle Roofing Phoenix Roof Contractor Phoenix Tile Roof Contractor Phoenix ">Insurance claims for hail damage to roofs, is on the rise around the country. Did you know? hail causes more than $1.6 billion worth of damage in an average year to residential roofs in the United States, making it, year in and year out, one of the most costly natural disasters. After a hail storm it can be hard to see the damage to the shingles, RRC say the best thing to look at is the vents and the gutter down spouts. So after a hail storm, have a walk around your house to inspect for damage.Check the gutters and downspouts. Inspect all your downspouts and gutters for dings. Some of the newer gutters are thin enough that hail the size of a marble will easily dent the metal. Once again, if damage is evident, then the possibility of roof damage exists. Inspect for leaks. Hail damage is not always apparent from the ground or to an untrained professional. All too often, hail damage is not discovered until after leaking or other serious damage occurs. Roof damage does not always cause immediate leaks. As damaged shingles degrade, your roof may begin to leak. Inspect your interior ceiling after heavy rains for any apparent water damage.Check around the down spouts. Hail damage is when hail strikes the shingles of a roof with such impact that it damages the shingle. In most cases, this damage cannot be seen by the untrained eye. If you have standard asphalt shingles on your house, you'll want to check around the downspouts for excessive tile granuals. If evident, there is strong evidence of roof damage due to the hail storm. However, this may simply be due to the age of the roofing material.Inspect the roof.Call ROOFING REPAIR CONTRACTOR PHOENIX out for a free inspection Once on top, The certified tech will look at the vents, the drip edge, the fascia, and your gutters for signs of damage. They will Look at the roof shingles for circular dimple or areas where the shingle mineral is missing. Hail might produce a "dent" or a damage point in an asphalt shingle roof surface, resulting in granule loss and reduced remaining roof life. If you have 10 hits in a 10ft square, your roof most likely needs replacing.Take action. If any of the above steps result in positive indications, call the professionals.For more info,Please visit Glendale Roofing ROOFING REPAIR CONTRACTOR PHOENIX will provide inspections / estimates for free. if we think it's enough to warrant getting your insurance company out. We will walk you through the whole process. We will meet with the adjuster when he evaluates your house. We will make sure all vents and flashing is replaced and not reused. Many of our Techs are former Adjusters so we know how to speak there language and at the same time stand up for your best interest. ROOFING REPAIR CONTRACTOR also has offices in Glendale AZ. Scottsdale AZ. Mesa AZ. Amarillo TX. Oklahoma City OK. ROOFING REPAIR CONTRACTOR PHOENIX 623-321-3274 Phoenix Phoenix Roof Contractor Phoenix Tile Roof Contractor Phoenix Related Articles - roofing repair Phoenix, roof repair Phoenix, roofing contractor Phoenix, roof contractor Phoenix, roofing Phoenix, Phoenix roofing, Email this Article to a Friend! Receive Articles like this one direct to your email box!Subscribe for free today!Information on this can be found at this site