In today's food market there is a growing demand for the use of fruit as an ingredient, and the use of 100% fruit in particular is seeing a rapid growth in many food categories.In general people like to eat fruit as a snack and for the most part understand the health benefits of eating a diet that is rich in fruit and vegetables. However, messy handling, limited portability and perishability of fresh fruit means many people don't include enough fresh fruit and vegetables in their diet. This is especially true for increasingly large percentage of the population who live in urban areas and lead busy modern lives.Consequently, demand for healthy and convenient food is on the rise. global market there are increasingly more consumers seeking nutritionally balanced foods that offer real health benefits such as fruit-rich snacks, breakfast cereals, baked goods and confectionery, to achieve a healthy diet.Consumers on the whole are becoming increasingly savvy in regards to food formulation, production techniques and their expectations of value is changing. A noticeable shift is the demand for cleaner label products with limited ingredient listings. In the case of fruit-based snacks and other products - artificial inclusions or fillings,with high levels of added sugar, preservatives, flavouring and colours, don't satisfy the savvy health conscious consumer. Savvy shoppers are now demanding more natural fruit fillings and flavours that include whole fruit purees and juices to deliver on their health promise.Manufacturers are upping their game to deliver unique food concepts, that deliver health benefits to the end consumer. To help them achieve this, companies at the forefront of product innovation are providing manufacturers with natural ingredients that are nutrient rich, all natural and uniquely formulated to perform in a range of food products. A great example is ultra rapid concentration, a new technology that provides a superior low water activity, high-fruit ingredient with no added sugars, additives or preservatives.For more info,Please visit Gary Mendell These fruit ingredients can then be used in snacking, bakery, breakfast cereal and confectionery.This type of advancement in technology means the consumer can now purchase convenient food products that have excellent taste, texture and real health benefits. And there are huge benefits to food manufacturers also. A process like ultra rapid concentration, that reduces moisture content of fruit to uniquely low water activity levels, results in a shelf-stable and robust food product that contains real fruit.Utilising consumer insight, alongside new innovation and technology, the industry is moving towards the introduction of higher quality ingredients and deliciously good-for-you products that deliver value throughout the supply chain.Information on this can be found at this site