Personalized rubber wristbands or custom wristbands have become quite the rage, as a mode of sending a message, personal or public, for many individuals as well as organizations. More so, after celebrities like Lance Armstrong made it a medium for raising awareness about issues they were concerned with (which was cancer awareness and treatment in his case). Though relatively cheap and affordable, they are at the same time a unique and memorable way of getting your point across. Personalized rubber wristbands can also be used to mark important events and anniversaries in one's life, such as weddings and wedding anniversaries, birthdays, graduation ceremonies, and also the important dates in an organization or institution's calendar. Further, custom wristbands can act as mementoes of these special events after they are long over, for all the people involved.  Personalized rubber wristbands can come in many varieties and designs, which means that there are just as many ways of creating your custom wristbands. Below, we will detail the five most popular ways in which they are designed, which includes debossed, embossed, 'silk screened' or printed, debossed color-filled, and swirled. Debossed wristbands These wristbands are the most popular type of Custom Wristbands . They are basically a plain band of rubber (or silicone, as the case may be) where the message and/or design is 'engraved' into the surface of the bracelet, which means that it appears lower than the rest of the band's surface, or 'sunken in'. The wristband is one uniform color.  Embossed wristbands  Personalized Rubber Wristbands which have been embossed will have the selected logo or text raised above the level of the bracelet's surface, the complete opposite to debossed designs. These too are usually of one color throughout the wristband. Silk-screened or Printed As the name suggests, these custom wristbands are ones which have been printed with a design or message in a color which contrasts with the rest of the band. The surface of the bracelet is plane and level throughout. Debossed Color-Filled  It is a type of debossed wristband in which the 'sunken' design or logo is colored in with a hue that contrasts with the rest of the wristband's surface.Read more about funny wristbands Basically it is a way of making the design in a debossed bracelet stand out even more prominently. SwirledThese Personalized Rubber Wristbands are made up of two or more colors that seem to blend into each other. The text or design may be debossed, embossed or debossed color-filled, as the case may be. We could say that these wristbands are more elaborately embellished than the other types mentioned above. So one has many options when one sets out to design and order Custom Wristbands ; in fact, there are even more types of personalized rubber wristbands than the ones detailed above. It is all up to your own imagination and creativity how exactly you wish to design them. So go ahead and create a customized wristband to make the special day in your life truly memorable. For more info visit funny wristbands