While everyone knows that bachelorette parties are a lot of fun and the bridal shower favors are still a great way thank the guests who have attended. The bridal shower favor serves as a reminder of the shower and a complementary souvenir of the theme. When thinking about what bridal shower favors to use for your shower, it is important to think about the role the bridal shower favors will serve for you. If the items will be doubling as game prizes, then a nice variety of different things works best. The best bridal shower favors are fun, unique or decorative. Consider the following suggestions:Coffee or tea samplers;Salt and pepper shakers,Scented candles,Scented lotions or specialized lip balms;Fancy chocolates, mints or other sweets are great prizes. Small packages of quality chocolates will have everyone's mouth watering;Bookmarks come in so many shapes and sizes it is easy to find a few that fit the color or theme ideas of the wedding. If you want, attach them to a $5.00 gift card from a big book selling chain; and,Key chains again come in so many shapes and sizes it is easy to find a few that fit the color or theme ideas of the wedding.Bridal Shower Favors that may be better suited if you are giving all guests the same favor include:Mini bottles of wine with charms or openers;Bath or lotion sets or manicure sets are also great ideas that almost anyone can use; and,Lace potpourri sachets made in the shape of a lace bra - either black or in the wedding colors are great bridal party favors for everyone to take home.For more info,Please visit Fruit of the Loom Bras Attach them to homemade garters and encourage all the female guests to wear them to the wedding reception by having them envision what a unique photograph that would make.Remember the bridal shower favors serve to complement the wedding preparations so make them well suited and appropriate for the anticipated guest list.For more information, go to this URL