They are all there to play the game but the different players, skill, tactics used and dedication to winning is what separates the league leaders from the rest of the teams. It is the same with companies, that teach people how to make a living online. Some of you may remember the first mobile phones that came out? How big a clunky they were, and the fact that, unless it was tied into your car or something, it had a limited range and black spots were a common occurrence. Whereas now, we have phones that are the equivalent of a small computer, which can do all kinds of things, and still fit in your pocket. Well just like anything else, the methods used to make money online, have changed too. In the early days of the internet, if you wanted to make a living online, all you really needed to do was throw up a web page and you were in business. Then after a while things changed, you had to learn all about the technical aspects of doing business online. You had to learn HTML which stands for Hyper Text Mark-up Language, in other words it is the language the computer understands that tells it, the page it's looking at, is a web page. You also had to learn all about marketing and the different techniques that are used in on and off line marketing. You had to learn all about product development and human psychology, if you wanted to be truly successful, no wonder a lot of people tried and failed, it was a nightmare. You had to bloody near be a genius, just to get a web page online. Then came the age of 21st century marketing. Where all of the old methods that worked, had been automated for ease of use and understanding by the general public. Like any growth industry, It has developed so far now, that it is possible for anyone, to follow a step by step system and genuinely make some money online, provided that they follow the system as taught. My reasons for choosing Empower Network were in essence very simple. They pay 100% commissions - which is extremely rare in the industry up till now, usually it is between 25-75% It is run by 2 very genuine people who really want to help people, and go out of their way to do so I have seen the proof, that a person with no technical knowledge can make their system work ethical and honourable in the way they do business, and they expect their students to be as well They make the learning fun and memorable They expect a student to take responsibility for their own success, and celebrate it loudly, when it happens They offer the whole shebang, from start to finish, there is no other training necessary And most importantly, I just like them. In my 15Yr career as an IT specialist, I was there when windows was born, with windows 1 & 3.For more info,Please visit Empower Network 11 and I have followed the growth of the internet and the various ways people have used to create an income with it, ever since. I have joined and left Amway and a host of other off line marketing companies, and early online ones for that matter, in my personal search for the right vehicle to make my dreams a reality, and I have found it, with Empower Network. The personal, moral, and business support I get and the team spirit, is just the cream on top as far as I am concerned Hello, I Prevail on you to investigate more about this, and how, by taking advantage of this guidance, you can restyle your life forever. You can do this by grabbing a free copy of my eBook here: Or See for yourself by accepting this Personal Invitation from me. Until next time, i hope you have enjoyed my work. :) Related Articles - affiliate marketing, article marketing, work from home, business, internet, social media marketingcontemporary mlm, Email this Article to a Friend! Receive Articles like this one direct to your email box!Subscribe for free today!If you want to read more go to this URL