Ear piercing has been one of the most preferred forms of piercing till date. This is purely one form, which suits all ages and is liked by all. Earrings therefore were and continue being a rage among jewelry lovers. After all there is so much variety and each piece is unique to look at. But to avoid confusion and exactly settle for what you want, the following tips might come in handy.Know the type (quality and price): It's important to understand the maker of the ear cuffs. From pure gold, solitaires, diamonds, silver to even artificial ones, never buy a product without knowing its exact value. Expensive jewelries are easy to reckon since they have tags but artificial jewelry fall at the risk. So when you want an artificial jewelry make sure you buy it from a good store with proper billing. If the product causes allergy of any sort, you can go and exchange it. Single out designs: Ear gauge plugs today have endless designs to look at. From danglers, big loops to simple studs, all forms are wearable and look classy. While buying an earring makes sure you look at two to three pieces before singling out the final one. This will not only help you select from a variety but will allow future briefing too. Since you have seen different designs, next time you can go pick one that you didn't the last time. Try it out: Before finalizing the jewel piece, make sure you try it on. There are times when a single item picked may look good on display, but when put on, may not look so good. So since you are at the place, try it on first. For example heavy earrings do not look good on everyone and even if it does, not many are able to carry the added weight on the ears. Therefore is wise to wear both the earrings and look at the mirror.Read more about Ear cuff The result will be in front of your eyes and you can then proceed with your purchase. Compare prices: This is not only for those who are going in for expensive jewelry but also for people who are willing to pick an artificial piece. Sometimes stores increase the price. For customers going in to buy for the first time, this tip is really handy. You can visit two three stores before settling in for the final piece. Not only will you see a lot of variety for ear gauges but will get familiarized with the pricing too. You don't always want to buy something expensive.Earrings have been in fashion and will never go out of it. From daily wear to weddings, small parties, earrings end up completing your entire look. For those who are scared of piercing, they too go in for stick ones so that their ear feels pierced. The idea is to stay updates with the latest budding trends. This goes to show that the craze is only growing and from cheap ones to really expensive ones, earrings are a must carry fashion statement. For more info visit Ear cuff