E-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes are devices gaining widespread popularity. With an approximately 45 million smoking population in America, this product has caused quite a stir. Though its usage has a few open questions lying in the parking lot, the overall acceptability seems to be high.E-cigarettes or vapor cigarettes, are electronic devices that operate on a battery. It generates vapors using a nicotine or a non-nicotine solution, for the user to inhale. This vapor also has a flavor and the experience is similar to that of inhaling smoke from burning tobacco. There is no smoke or combustion of tobacco involved here. The e-cigarettes largely look like the real cigarettes or cigars/pipes. There are a few that even look like screwdrivers or pens! The e-cigarettes are either reusable or disposable cigarettes.There are 3 main types of e-cigarettes manufactured today. The first is the 1 piece electronic cigarette. These are disposable e-cigarettes and are the least expensive variety. They have a battery that is pre-charged and nicotine cartridge can also not be re-filled. The second type is the 2 piece electronic cigarette. This one has a re-chargeable battery and a cartridge that can be replaced. The cartridge has an inbuilt atomizer, more popularly known as the “cartomizer”. The 3rd type of e-cigarette is called the 3 piece electronic cigarette. This type has separate battery, cartridge and an atomizer. The basic functionality of all types of e-cigarettes is the same. They all have a battery which provides power to the atomizer. This is turn helps vaporize the nicotine or non-nicotine solution and the vapors are then inhaled by the user. The difference arises from the features available in different types. The first feature to consider is the overall look and feel of the cigarette. Largely, the e-cigarettes are look-alikes of real cigarettes. Even the cartridge is done in brown so that it resembles a filter. The battery is also designed to resemble the body of a tobacco cigarette. The end has a glowing LED, that turns red, each time the user inhales.Another feature to note is the LED color in e-cigarettes. The colors vary from red, green and blue. The color you choose depends on your individual style and need. Next is the intensity of the vaporiser. That is, the ratio of vapor per puff. The more the vapor produced, the greater and more realistic will be the pleasure to smoke the electronic cigarette. The strength of the atomizer is also a vital feature. The atomizer is responsible for vaporizing the e-solution. The stronger the atomizer, the faster it will produce vapor for inhalation. Better battery life and the flavors available are two other features for consideration. The power of nicotine is yet another feature. The nicotine strength varies from zero to high levels. The advantages and disadvantages of e-cigarettes are still debatable. There are unanswered questions still before the final verdict is passed. As we all know that smoking tobacco cigarettes is highly injurious to health, e-cigarettes came as a silver lining. Read more about e cigarette. What is not known is whether the nicotine inhalation can have any long-term damaging effects or not. E-cigarettes have the advantage that smoking them does not lad to tar formation in the lungs, like in the case of tobacco cigarettes. A person smoking tobacco is exposed to more than 4000 toxic chemicals that can have lethal effects. However, e-cigarettes do not have any known toxic contents. You also have a choice to use non-nicotine solutions. There is no ash or odour produced too.The disadvantages of e-cigarettes are that they have to be re-assembled for each use and for re-fills. Addiction to nicotine is also risky. There are chances of nicotine’s absorption by the skin. The choice is completely yours looking at the pros and cons. There are various advanced and high quality e-cigarettes also available today to minimize the various risks involved. It is after careful evaluation and with an open mind that you must choose, what you must. For more info visit e cigarette.