Many recent surveys by local and international bodies ascertain that despite the recent global financial crisis, tourism in Dubai has not been affected and the emirate continues to attract tourists and holidaymakers of the world in its traditional fashion. Their fervour can only be seen intensifying with Dubai flaunting more and more tourist attractions. The results of these surveys show staggering growth in Dubai's tourism - the year 2007 saw 13 per cent more visitors to Dubai than 2006, while for this year the experts predict a 10 per cent increase in the number of foreign nationals visiting the Middle East.As Dubai remains a major tourist hotspot, short-term property rental here is one of the most thriving businesses. There has long been no slowdown in Dubai's holiday and short-term rental property and prices and demand have only climbed with each passing year. Be it holiday apartments, villas, beach and holiday resorts, rental rates of all have increased manifold over the past few years. Even the rates of other short term rental property such as, self catering apartments and serviced hotel apartments, have not escaped the uncontrollable price hike.This continuous upward trend in Dubai's tourism industry and in turn in its short term property rental sector may have boggled the visitors and cost heavily on their funds, but has definitely been lucrative for the investors. High rental yields, excellent capital appreciation, and the ability to use the property as second home are some of the factors that make investors put their money fearlessly into short-term rental properties.For more info,Please visit Dubai Holiday Rentals  Besides tourists and holidaymakers, many other people visit the city for reasons ranging from business to employment and others. This segment of Dubai's transient population is also a major contributor to the growth of the city's real estate sector that deals with short stays. The way Dubai has laid its doors open wide to the job searchers and travellers from across the globe, investment in its short-term rental property can prove to be the most lucrative of all known property investments.For further details click here