Lately, I commenced my plan of creating healthy pastries with the idea that everyone can have them but feel less guilt afterwards. Eating too much sugar gives side effects onto your body. Based on a number of research studies, unwise consumption sugar could create tooth decay, diabetes, high unhealthy cholesterol and heart related disease. How do we reduce or prevent the majority of these harmful side effects? Initially, let us look at most of the diverse types of sugar. Sugar is a type of carbohydrate. It supplies energy to our body. Refined sugar is applied to cake recipes, for instance, castor sugar and icing sugar. The truth is processed sugars can place strain on your body along with little nutritional vitamins or nutrients. There has to be a substitute for processed sugar within our diet, particularly with dessert recipes under consideration. A number of dieticians think that fructose which is otherwise known as fruit sugar is much better replacement for processed sugar. However, some researches also pointed out that excessive consuming of fructose can cause metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance. Artificial sweetener can provide much sweetness to cakes with superb zero calories, but could it be absolutely dependable? After explored on the ingredients of artificial sweetener, one ingredient called sodium benzoate. It is known as a preservative and this might cause attention deficit disorder. Several soft drink firms also make use of it as a preservative in soft drinks. These firms are experiencing of finding options for sodium benzoate due to this fact. Low GI sugar seems to be a exciting choice. It takes longer time and more energy to get totally digested and provides our body a slowly release of energy which often holds up the starvation craving. Having low GI food is tested to help prevent quite a few chronic diseases: type 2 diabetes and weight problems.For more info,Please visit diet-health-heart-business I have experimented many times in making healthy chocolate flourless cake. I adhere to a ½ and 10 percent guideline. In detail, fifty percent of the sugar from the original recipe and 10% of the sugar weight will be substituted by honey. The cake is sweet enough and tastes superb. I acknowledge that making a very good healthy cake recipe is definitely tricky. You need to do many experiments to get right. Natural ingredients should be applied into cake making wherever manageable such as, bananas, carrots and pears. Related Articles - healthy diet, weight loss, healthy cake recipes., Email this Article to a Friend! Receive Articles like this one direct to your email box!Subscribe for free today!More information is available please click