One cannot feel safe driving with broken or cracked windshield. Being an important part of four wheelers, it is essential to take proper care of this part. Any small crack or chip can led one to face any kind of accident on the roads.It is important for vehicle owners to have complete knowledge on problems, solutions and safety aspects of cracked windshield. Adding to these, in this article we'll also come to know about cracked windshield repair in detail.ProblemsWindshields are made from special kind of glass which is meant to save the vehicle's occupants from flying debris and wind, dust, rock particles etc. And in the event of crash or any minor accident, one may face serious injuries if do not have properly managed windshield. In order to avoid any life risks or other problems, it is essential to have stronger windshields.SolutionThere are usually two kinds of solutions for broken or cracked windshields. Either one need to go for the replacement of windshield or prefer repair in case of little faults. It have been observed that properly installed automobile windshields are needed to safety; they offer protection to car's occupants in case of rollover accidents.Regarding cracked windshield replacements, crack may occur due to here kinds of defects. The first defect is called as residual stress which occurs during the process of molding and annealing.Read more about cracked windshield Rapid, differential rates of cooling to windshield repair at the time of annealing process is the reason of the tensile stress.Induced stress is another reason which is caused when windshield is installed into the vehicle body. This stress is increased after market replaced windshield. Third manufacturing defect is called as Frit. This is the common part of the windshield which is actually a black ceramic paint found around the perimeter of the same part. The frit enhances the stress due to temperature variance and it increases sensitivity, severity, etc. Thus, windshield replacements occur in the months of June, July and August.Cracked windshield repairIt can be done in the case of stone breaks and long cracks. The deg crack is the reason for 60 - 80 % of replacements and the floater crack is the reason of 10 - 20 % of replacements.Either it is repair or replacements, what matter is to do the repair or replacements with the help of professional auto service providers before the situation become worse.For more info visit cracked windshield