London is  one of the most visited cities in Europe; with its world iconic Big Ben and the modern London Eye this metropolitan city has never failed to attract visitors from the world over no matter what time of year it is. From having fish and chips to visiting the many local pubs and bars the true English experience has always been captivating to all.And one such captivating aspect is British comedy, a universal language that never fails to put a smile on your face. British comedy particularly has always been sort after,because of its truly hilarious content and typical English presentation.So what better thing can you imagine than visiting and experiencing a good dose of laughter the next time you visit London. With many renowned comedy clubs spread out London a night out at a comedy club in London is unmatched. With the likes of Amused Moose, a popular and crowd drawing comedy club with three locations in London, operating three times a week, it is indeed a nice pick for a night out.Read more about Comedy Club London The Amused Moose can be found at Camden, Soho and Hampstead.If dining and laughter is your cup of tea, Comedy CafĂ© is the ideal place for you; situated in Shoreditch High Street near the town hall, its cozy setting lets you enjoy a good meal while enjoying humorous content from professionals and novices alike.The Jongleurs on the other hand boast almost 16 comedy clubs, has three located in London in Camden Bow and Battersea and also entertains you with a late night DJ after the show.The Comedy Store is another great pick, being open all around the week, this 400 seat venue showcases regular Comedy Store players as well as some of the world's best comedians. And the Saturdays "Best in Stand Up" is a one show to look out for. After enjoying a laughter filled night out in London what better way can u imagine to relax and pamper yourself than to stay at The Langham London, with its high quality service and elegance this property is a front runner when considering luxury hotels in London. For more info visit Comedy Club London