The World's most famous flower show displays a stunning range of natural beauty that brings about travellers from around the globe to catch this event. Held over 5 days in May each year at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, it is quite the exhibition. Approximately 157,000 visitors each year make their way to the event and it also garners a high level of media attention. High profile figures such as the Queen are also known to make an appearance further adding to its reputation.Flowers that are on display here are the works of the best of the best plantsmen, nurseries, garden designers and exhibitors. The entrants are all rated from a panel of judges and awards are bestowed on the best offerings. Read more about Chelsea Flower Show Tickets. Categories include Flora, Hogg, Grenfall, Lindley, Knightian and a host of special awards.In some ways the entire show has been likened to that of a fashion show as new plants are often launched here while older ones are revived setting the trend for horticultural enthusiasts everywhere. Many of the visitors who make their way here are the proud owners of their own personal gardens and a visit is the chance to walk away with a new inspiration to try out on their own. Visitors should note that all tickets must be purchased in advance. The length of five days was an extension from the original four while the first two days are only open for members of the Royal Horticultural Society. Tickets vary in price for non members in the amount of time they allow you to spend at the show. The full day ticket costs the most while the two and a half hour ticket for the end of the day is the cheapest. For more info visit Chelsea Flower Show Tickets.