Face the facts. If you are looking for a cheap diamond engagement ring, better be prepared to find a not that cheap diamond engagement ring. Engagement rings are expensive as it is and wanting one with a diamond on it is enough to dry up anyone's pockets.Still, if you are really that determined to buy one in such a limited budget, here are some tips that may help you in your search. These may not of course guarantee success but at least you will not be getting any headaches while you scour the metropolis.Set a realistic budget.As mentioned before, diamond engagement rings are pretty costly. Finding one that is dirt cheap will be next to impossible. Save yourself a lot of headache by setting a budget that would actually allow you to buy a diamond engagement ring.To do this, try looking at the prices in jewelry stores, both upscale and those that are in the mid-range. Ask about the specifics such as the carat, the color and the clarity. Compare prices and then decide just how much is the cheapest one. When you have already determined that, try looking at what you have saved up. Is it enough? Read more about Cheap diamond engagement rings. Thrift storesThere are stores that specialize in selling second-hand stuff. Try looking at these stores and find out if they are selling used diamond engagement rings. You can also try joining garage sales or estate sales. Here you will find great stuff. Who knows, you might even come across antique engagement rings that you or the person you'll be giving it to will love.Surf the InternetThere are also online stores that sell diamond engagement rings. Some are brand new while some are already used. You can also try eBay and see if their price range is within your budget. Be careful though as some items are up for bid and you may end up paying more than what you have in your budget.Try other gemstonesAlthough diamond engagement rings are really great, if you really cannot afford it, why waste the effort. Engagement rings set with other precious stones will also look great on the fingers of your loved one. Sapphires, amethyst, topaz and even rubies make great engagement rings. One thing that you can also do is to match the color of her eye with the gemstone. You can also buy multiple colored gemstones, even with a small diamond on it. This is less expensive. For more info visit Cheap diamond engagement rings.