Recently I did a brief (and fairly unscientific, it should be said) survey of two different stroller models, comparing the 4 Graco Quattro Tour Duo Double with the Brittax B-READY stroller, putting them in a head-to-head competition on user rating, price, funcationality and versatility. My results are below:On price, the 4 Graco Quattro Tour Duo Double is the clear winner. I was able to find out from an online vendor for $244.59 vs. $374.99 for the Brittax B, so if price is your major consideration, then look no further. The two are fairly comparable, and the Quattro Tour model comes in at more than a hundred dollars cheaper.In terms of user reviews, it's a tie, for all practical purposes, though the Brittax B gets a slight nod here. Both ranked 4.5 stars (out of a possible five overall), but the Brittax had fewer negative reviews with more total reviews found overall. Still, a VERY close comparison here, with fans of both models being quite avid supporters of their respective chosen brands.In terms of functionality, the Brittax B wins handily. Here, it is more a question of getting what you're paying for. There's nothing out and out wrong with the Quattro Tour model. It's more than functional, well made and from all accounts, provides a comfortable ride for its passengers (being 43 years old, and six and a half feet tall, I was sadly, unable to actually "test ride" either model, else I would have surely included those results in this article! ), but pound for pound, the Brittax B out performs and out configures the Quattro Tour, so if price isn't as important to you as extra features and convenience, then the Brittax B is probably your model of choice.For more info,Please visit britax b ready strollerIt should be said that both manufacturers are excellent and have a history of responsiveness when dealing with their customers. Both customer bases seem to be avid and loyal supporters of the brands they choose, and from hands on experience with both models, both products are well made, durable, functional, and apparently quite comfortable. If you in the market for a stroller, and are having trouble deciding which model to go with, do yourself a favor and give both of these a look. You won't be disappointed in either one!If you want to learn more, click here!