One of the best application of a classic architectural structures can be found in houses. This kind of architecture was designed to attract attention and provide an elegant touch to any structures like houses. Today this kind of style was used in designing door knockers to improve entranceway and make it more attractive, warm and inviting to visitors. The fact that door knockers was strategically placed as focal point on the entryway it is hardly be neglected by someone who are entering the house. This prominent door accessories brings distinction and elegance setting it apart to the neighbor houses.The use of door knockers can be traced back during the time when people started to live in dwellings. It has gained wide popularity during medieval age until the late 19th century. However, door knockers was replaced by electric or modern concepts of door bell. The traditional door knockers was only use nowadays as decorations in houses that have classic architectural designs. Since most of houses today are modern and styles and as a result they preferred to use the electric door knockers because of its practical purposes. But if we just browse the different on line stores today, there are still a lot designs and styles of door knockers that will surely fit our sense style.Door knockers that are of classic brass architectural design are still available in many types and materials. If we speak of sturdiness and simplicity the door knockers made of cast iron is the best option for a long time. Its raw aesthetic feature is definitely a perfect choice for a Western theme architecture and interior designs.Another popular material is the pewter. Read more about Brass door knockers.It is consist of both tin and copper giving it an alluring luster. One type of pewter is the lower grade pewter which has a bluish color because it was added by lead. However this doesn't stop the use of this type of pewter as decorations since it is easy to produce while retaining an elegant texture.The material that is very ideal to make a door knocker is the copper, since it is the only material that doesn't rust instead it oxidize. Unlike other metal, the copper doesn't physically deteriorate since the oxidation layer makes the metal stronger, which reduces the need to replace any door knockers made out of copper.Another popular type of door knocker is the stainless steel since this type of alloy holds numerous benefits like s industrial-chic aesthetic. It is also known for its strength and resistance to corrosion. Stainless steel has been the most popular since the invention of it during the early 1900s as decorative metals.Door knocker is an excellent way of distinguishing a doorway and make it attractive to the eyes of your visitors. For more info visit Brass door knockers.