There are two ways for you to get Yoga DVDs - you could buy them from your local CD and DVD shop or you could order them online. For several reasons, the latter option has an edge. First of all, any store will have a limited collection, but on the Internet, you could have access to any Yoga DVD that was ever made on this planet. Secondly, when you are on the Internet, you could check out several Yoga workout DVD review articles and stuff like that. That really helps you to make a better decision on what to buy. In the store, you only have the salesperson's word to go by.That should actually be the first step in your little adventure of purchasing a good Yoga DVD. Do a Google search for some best home workout DVD reviews, especially for Yoga DVD reviews, and you are sure to find a lot of comments. This will give you a very good idea of what you must be looking for. If you don't know what Yoga is, you are advised to get familiar with it first. Checking out some Yoga workout videos on YouTube before ordering your DVD is recommended, because this is where you can see Yoga in action.Read more about Best Yoga DVD.Yoga is an Indian exercising technique that relies on various asanas or postures. There are different asanas to target different parts of the body. So here we come to another point in our decision-making process. What part of the body are you targeting? Are you looking for a better abdomen? Or are you looking for more flexibility? Are you trying to get rid of some pain such as a lower back pain? Or are you looking for better stress management? There is a different set of Yoga asanas for each of these. Make sure you read about the Yoga DVDs you are planning to purchase. A little research on the asanas explained would help too.There are also several beginner Yoga DVDs if you are just getting started. These contain basic workout techniques that you can easily use. Go for these if you aren't sure what you exactly need. Once you are started with it, you will have a better idea which Yoga DVD you must buy as your next investment in fitness and good health.For more info visit Best Yoga DVD.