Nintendo DS, also abbreviated as NDS is a hand held video gaming console. It is a hand held gamin console. The console features two LCD screens inside it, one on top and the other at the lower side. The one at the bottom is a touchscreen. It has other amazing features like an in built microphone and wireless ( IEEE 802.11, Wi-fi ) which allows the players an interaction within a limited range of approximately 10 - 30 meters.There are two shoulder buttons on the top of the device, also a card slot, a stylus holder and a power cable input. Altogether, the button design corresponds to that of the Super Nintendo Entertainment system.The Nintendo DS also features stereo speakers which, depending on the software used, provides a virtual surround sound on both sides of the display surface on top. This is first of the kind having an in - built stereo speakers as its predecessors were known to have earphones or external speakers attached, for that matter.Nintendo has also has an amazing home video game console to its credit, which is known as Nintendo Wii games. An extraordinary attribute of this is the Wii remote, its wireless controller which can be used as a pointing device within a limited range. The console detects the movements of this remote in three dimensions. It also provides receiving mail alerts over internet, while playing.You can now buy these intelligent video games online at various shopping websites.For more info,Please visit best nintendo ds games There are portals also for games price comparison, so that you ca buy cheap online games also for your gaming consoles. Now you don't have to go exclusively to a Nintendo showroom or electronic gadgets store for getting your favorite video games and computer games as all of it is available online. You just have to log in from your personal computer from the comfort of your house and book your console online and can have it home delivered within no time.Author suggests you to buy latest games online from home xpert4u and get maximum discount.If you want to learn more, click here!