Paintless dent repair has been around for many years, but has only been brought to the fore because of the materials used in building vehicle bodies, and paint that has increased flexibility in its movements when dry on the vehicle. Also, many more cars than previous has tiny dents and bumps that do not take away from the value, but do not look good to the eye.The technique itself has been available for many years, but, with the amount of cars that are given new lives by being sold at auction and sales, it is coming more and more to the front. It is cheaper than to use a professional panel beater, who is often very busy and not able to fit in one's small job for several months or at least, weeks. This is a very busy job now, due to the amount of people who drive, and the traffic conditions, whereby a small dent is often on the cards in one's day.In the use of paintless dent repair, using a fluorescent light to highlight the dents is a very important part of the work. This light shows the shape of the dent, and the technician can position the instruments to the best position for forcing it back into shape. Without the light or the reflection board, a technician cannot perform his/her job satisfactorily, or, indeed at all. Therefore, there must be good care taken with this aspect of repair, or the job will turn into a major one.There are now schools available for training these technicians in the skills required, and providing experience for them, once they have finished the training. This does not take the time a panel-beating course does, so one can be ready to begin work sooner.Read more about bay area paintless dent repair The course may cost a little, but people often undertake it, if only to do their own small panel work on their own cars, which they are using, or hoping to sell for a better price to a discerning buyer, who will ask for a reduction in price, should a dent or dint is visible. Often people who are restoring a car will have a paintless dent repair done, while they are waiting to have a paint job on the project they are working on. It will get lumps and bumps cleared, ready for a coat of paint to be applied, if one wants the job to look as professional as possible. Cars that have sat unused and unwanted for years will also benefit from this technique. These technicians often travel to the job, a relief to anyone who has neither the money nor the inclination to tow the vehicle him or herself to a panel beater.For more info visit bay area paintless dent repair