Earlier, it used to be deemed that contextual advertising was the best. Since every company indulges in the process of branding, so those with low on budget opt for text based advertisements. This is so because text based ads are easily affordable. But what has been learnt is that promotions that use graphics or images tend to get better response from public. On the other hand, text based ads have not been capable enough in fetching equally good results. Most of the small businesses have this misconception that it is only text ads that can be contextual in nature. There are campaigns in which you define specific keywords along with various demographics details. Various ad programs make use of cookies so as to track net users.This is done once programs have tracked the given keywords and demographic details matching with keywords displayed on your ad. This is irrespective of the ad being in text or image style or other format. However this cannot be denied that an effective image can speak louder than thousand words. Along with this, we also know that remembering a picture is easier than remembering words or text. So a banner design that dons an image or a picture rather than text has better chances of getting success. The way in which an image can convey a message cannot be done by the text. Take for example, if one of your products is complex to use then it is through images that it can be easily explained. With the usage of right mix of hues, style, size, and other components, you can create a beautiful pattern. A technology that has been helping in making banner ads a hit is, Flash. This lends an interactive style to the banner promotion, which makes it interesting and informative for viewers to see.For more info,Please visit banner design This can be accomplished with the help of flash banner creators that can be easily found over the Net. So you do not have to use a boring static image on the tag of your company. Talking of using professional programs to create them, they can be very useful. They have templates bundled in them, which can be used and even customized. This saves a lot of time and efforts too. It is the audio and video content which can make the ads very interactive. An image that has audio content would be able to have better impact upon clients than just a picture used in a pattern. There is a need to have a good plan regarding the creation and what is even more important is the way in which it is executed.For more information, go to this URL