When we had our first baby back in the late 1980's when audio baby monitors were first coming out on the market and cost much more than they do these days, so unfortunately we weren't able to purchase a set for our selves at that time. Though luckily we were able to borrow a pair from our close friends and have to say that at that time they were a life saver; especially as we were young first time parents. Now that we're expecting our second child, the latest baby care technology has definitely advanced and we've decided to go for a more up to date monitor like the baby sense V baby safe baby monitor movement sensor.These days you're spoilt for choice of different types of infant monitors, new sensor chips enable worried parents like my self to keep a close eye on their loved ones, while giving them the freedom to relax or do something else in their free time while the baby sleeps. Before settling on the Baby sense V monitor we went through a long list of other choices, there is an endless list of baby movement monitors, audio sensors and even baby breathing monitors. In the end the baby sense V series model was the right choice for us, because it focuses on picking up movement as slight as the babies breathing which in some ways is a much more effective marker of a problem.Why choose Baby movement monitors?At such a young age infants are susceptible to several problems, especially when sleeping it's easy for a young child to get stuck in a difficult position which may cause a blockage of their breathing passage; this is why it is so important to keep a close eye on babies while asleep. The old audio monitors are great for alerting parents when their child wakes up, from hunger, needing a nappy change or just wanting some comfort. Though audio monitors are not as effective as baby movement monitors at warning of other complications, where the child may not be able to cry out; this is where the baby sense V is very helpful.So how does the baby sense V monitor work? The idea was adapted from a similar device used in pediatric hospitals; there are 2 baby monitor movement sensors which can be placed under the mattress of your child's cot.For more info,Please visit BabySense V They are so sensitive that they pick up even the slightest twitch on your baby's body, if the monitor doesn't sense a normal movement within a 20 second period or less than 10-micro movements per minute it will send an electronic alarm to the parents portable control unit. The main purpose is to alert parents to the stopping or sudden slowing down of movement in their child for whatever reasons. The baby sense V baby monitor movement sensing gadget runs on 4 regular batteries and is covered in a durable hard plastic for added durability. One very popular tip for ensuring your babies sleep security and your peace of mind is to have both baby breathing monitors and an audio monitor giving you double action effectiveness.You can also go to this URL