When thinking of dieting, one may easily feel overwhelmed. You may have to count your calories, follow a strict exercise regime, and monitor daily progress and so on. However, phone users have access to various exciting weight loss apps that can help them with their dieting schedule by providing them with necessary software, nutrition calculator, proper weight loss education and more. Each of these weight loss apps have been set in an entirely different way, so you would want to test few of them before choosing the best one for your own dieting needs.We are providing you a list of phone weight loss apps that can get you started with your weight loss program: Pump Total Body- This is an amazing application that will work best for all those who are continuously on a workout schedule to keep them fit. If you love workouts, then this phone app can assist you with your daily workouts. If you feel that watching training DVD's or reading books is too boring and cumbersome, you can simply opt for this app for leveling your training schedule. MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker- This is one of those iPhone weight loss apps that come with an extensive database containing information about 600,000 types of food. These types of fitness apps can even log your calories in a simple and easy to read format. It can also be synchronized with your PC which enables you to add food entries from various locations. User can also view his or her progress chart. Read more about App Software For IPhone.Fitness- It is a user friendly phone fitness app and even a novice can use it with ease. It can assist the users with basics when they are training their body. This application can even be customized as per the needs of the user. Daily Burn Fitness Companion- This is one of those phone fitness apps that can help you in keeping track of your exercise and diet regime. You can even use this app to track the barcodes of several foods that are consumed by you. Aside from the calories, users can keep track of proteins, fats and various other minerals and vitamins. You can customize it for meeting your fitness goals. It is loaded with various useful tips for workouts. Gym Goal Lite- Such iPhone fitness apps work great for all those who love gym workouts. Lose It! - This is a free iPhone fitness app having a simple interface. It allows you to enter calories and set fitness goals for yourself. Each of the information entered by you is stored in the app. It also offers you a calorie budget and calculates everyday whether you are within your calorie budget or not. Fast Food Calories- These types of fitness apps are for all those dieters who can't avoid fast food! Though most of the restaurants post the nutrition facts, yet many people usually ignore them or fail to notice them. Due to this, they never realize as to what all stuff they are pumping into their bodies. This useful phone app has a database of thousands of restaurant and fast food menu items and you can easily know about the effect of particular fast food on your health. For more info visit App Software For IPhone.