Angry Birds is surely one of the most exciting games. The fan following of this game is rising with the passage of time. I know that many game lovers have already tried this game but still there are some who haven't played it as yet. For new entrants of this game world, I am going to highlight a quick introduction.Basic Concept: As the name implies, this game is based on the story of angry birds who take revenge from green pigs because enemies stole their eggs. They start destruction on the high level as a part of their revenge. The more they will destroy, the more they score. This game has revitalized the puzzle based games so one feels great interest and charm in it. Variants of Birds and Pigs: The two main characters of this game are birds and Pigs. However, you will notice the variations in birds and pigs. For example, in the begging you meet with red bird that has nothing special however when you proceed then you will get access to other variants of birds such as yellow, black, blue birds.These birds are really special and come with different kinds of abilities. Read more about Angry birds free download. For instance, a blue bird can spilt into three birds that's mean more destruction is possible via these birds. A black bird is capable of dropping explosive eggs on the targets and therefore high damage is possible. Just like birds, you can explore different variants of pigs (enemies). You can deal with small pig effortlessly while birds need to make some effort when they encounter with big pigs especially those who come with helmet and crowns.Angry Birds Versions: There are three main versions of this game such as Angry Birds, Angry Birds Season, and Angry Birds Rio. However, you can also get some additional exclusive versions of it on iOS such as Angry Birds HD. Some updates are also available to iOS users for example Halloween Edition. It is a fact that you can play more levels and episodes of game only on Apple iOS Devices and it is also a reason behind the fame of these devices.Compatibility: A reason behind the high numbers fans of angry birds is the great compatibility of it. You can enjoy it on Symbian, Android, iOS, Facebook and Google plus. In case you have a feature phone then you can play this game on your PC by using your Google plus or Facebook account. For more info visit Angry birds free download.